Friday, July 18, 2014

HORRIFYING – MH17 BREAKING NEWS: Rebel Leader’s Shocking Claim: Victims may have died days before the plane took off

If this account is true, not only does it lend to the mounting evidence that this was a false flag event, it also leads us to wonder if MH17 is really MH370 - or possibly the clone Malaysian Air 777 airliner photographed in Israel.]

The pro-rebel website Russkaya Vesna on Friday quoted Igor Girkin as saying he was told by people at the crash site that “a significant number of the bodies weren’t fresh,” adding that he was told they were drained of blood and reeked of decomposition.



Mr. Shife said...

Again we will probably never, ever hear the truth. Just hear whatever they are spinning on TV and the Internet to get what they want. Gotta be a special place in hell for all these politicians.

texlahoma said...

Mr. Shife - Yeah, I agree.

Your "special place in hell" comment made me remember a Woody Allen movie.

He was in prison and their very worst punishment was solitary confinement with an insurance salesman.

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