Thursday, July 17, 2014

Malaysian Plane Crash Video Shows Ground Explosion - Not Missile Explosion In Air


Gdeck Bob said...


If that was a 777 that had been missiled, there would be a huge trail of smoke and debris, not a clear sky above the blast.

More BS.

texlahoma said...

Bob - I agree. McCain immediately tried to blame Russia and said there would be "Hell to pay if Russia did it."

John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Hilary Clinton and that asshole King from New York are usually the first to speak out with the story that the Banksters (or whatever you want to call the sick bastards that want to rule the world), want to tell.
Something must have screwed up their plan to blame Russia.
They're like
"Oh, we killed nearly 300 innocent people for nothing, so what, they were just useless eaters anyway."

texlahoma said...

It wouldn't surprise me too much if that was the missing flight 370 and they just blew it up on the ground. Both were Malaysian 777s.

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