Tuesday, June 24, 2014


It must have been 1995 or so, when my job required me to go to Amarillo Texas.
My wife Gertrude (AKA Shelly) went with me, the company paid for a nice motel room and somebody paid for a great steak dinner which was followed by live entertainment.
The entertainment was a country band, and even though I like to rock , these guys were pretty good.

Fast forward 19 years to Sunday.

I wake up with music playing in my head, as I often do, (is that normal?) Gertrude was already up and I started trying to tell her what song it was.
"We heard it in Amarillo."
"It's about a down on his luck cowboy."
"Some Texas town by morning."
Then, stupid me, it finally hits.

[Okay Tex, but why are you telling us this?]

Hang in there.

I haven't heard or thought about this song in 19 years. (I never listen to country music.)

Fast forward two days.

I'm listening to Infowars and what song do they play?


That kind of synchronicity freaks me out.

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