Monday, November 04, 2013

Chris Christie Screams At Another Teacher On Election Eve

Governor Christie Screams At Melissa Tomlinson

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey has made a name for himself screaming at constituents – from “jerk” to “idiot” to “numbnuts.” He has also, while in re-election mode, tried to tone it down somewhat in hopes of appealing to a broader base of voters. But yesterday was an apparent slip as Governor Christie told a public school teacher that “I Am Tired Of You People!”
The woman he screamed at, Melissa Tomlinson, is a public school teacher who asked Christie why he denigrated public education.
I went to listen to him speak. I stood in the front of the crowd that was standing towards the back. I know he caught sight of me. He stared at me a few times during his speech. I left right as his speech was over to position myself right at the door of the bus. He came out, shaking everyone’s hands as he was getting on the bus. I asked him my question, expecting him to ignore me but he suddenly turned and went off.
I asked him: “Why do you portray our schools as failure factories?” His reply: “Because they are!”  He said: “I am tired of you people. What do you want?”
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Gundeck Bob said...

"Stupid is as stupid does."

I'm talking about the silly twit that has no clue as to how terrible she really is for our kids.

No doubt a progressive feminist with screwed-up concepts of reality, she has no clue that she and her fellows are are truly responsible for our failed schools, our mal-educated children and the demise of western civilization.

Will she ever wake up?


Not only no, but hell no.

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