Friday, August 02, 2013

Nightmares of a Blogger

I've been having bad dreams nightmares lately.

The main theme is "DON'T BE HELPLESS".

When I wake up I feel like saying "Hey, you're preaching to the choir, buddy!"

So what do I make of these dreams?

Am I suppose to do something?

I already know not to be disarmed, so the only conclusion that I can come up with is that I am suppose to warn others.

Seems like if this is some sort of divine thing, the big guy would pick a blog that had more pageviews, I only get 500 - 600 per day.

 But, he has been known to work in mysterious ways.

 I don't know about anyone else, but I've noticed a sharp increase in police brutality, police ignoring the constitution and even shooting people's dogs for no good reason.

It's kind of like they are saying

"I'm not afraid to do all that, because nobody has any backbone anymore, no one has the guts to retaliate."

The TSA seems to think the same way

"I'm not afraid to virtually rape your daughter, wife, mother right here in front of you, because you ain't got the guts to do anything about it!"

 I think these guys better watch their step, because it might start with a trickle, but then the dam levee is going to break.

So I think maybe what I am suppose to get through to people is

"Don't be a victim, lose the victim mentality!"

 "Arm yourselves!"

 "Something wicked this way comes."


mohave rat said...

my dear friend, your blog is the most sane offering out of all the blogs I read. People live in completed denial of the facts and continue down the rosy paths of their delusions. I should comment more. Your blog is one of my favorites and I make a point of checking all your new posts. good job. If you are crazy, then so am I. the rat

texlahoma said...

Mohave Rat - Thanks for the kind words, I mean to get over to your blog more often. Yeah, I think the writings on the wall, all people have to do is read it.
Have a good one!

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