Sunday, February 26, 2012

FOX edits, fakes applause for John Bolton pro-war statement

Uploaded by buckingthesystem on Feb 24, 2012

During a taping of the Stossel show at the 2012 International Students for Liberty Conference in Washington D.C., I got to confront neo-conservative war monger John Bolton on the issue of blowback, and it miraculously made it's way onto the Stossel show! I'm guessing we have the man himself, John Stossel, to thank for that.

Of course, this is Fox we're talking about, so there is some disingenuous editing. But the content of my question and Bolton's response is completely intact! Thank you Stossel!


Bob said...


I was under the erronious assumption that FOX wouldn't try that sort of crap.

What a bunch of two-faced bastards they are.

texlahoma said...

Bob - Fox has done a lot of things like that. They cut out applause when Ron Paul was giving a speech.

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