Thursday, February 09, 2012

Chinese Government Demands 250 Million Internet Users Provide Real Identities

New web censorship assault stokes fears of Communist repression
Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, February 9, 2012
The Communist Chinese government has demanded some 250 million users of the Twitter-style micro-blogging platform Weibo provide their real names, addresses and identity numbers, marking a new era of Internet censorship and one that the likes of Joe Lieberman want to see enforced in the United States.

From March 16, Weibo account holders will be forced to provide their real names, addresses, and passport or ID card numbers if they are to continue to use the service.
“This rule could mean more frequent real-world consequences for posters of messages disapproved of by Party authorities,” reports NDT Television, noting how “Sina and other microblog companies are also to soon have Chinese Communist Party monitoring units established in their corporate structures.”
Fear that authorities could use the information to target those who make anti-Communist statements or criticize government officials has led to a massive drop in people signing up for the service. New sign-ups are down from 20 million to 2.5 million a month, a drop of 85 percent. Weibo currently has around 250 million account holders.
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BBC said...

Fuck folitics, vote for the bullshitter of your choice.

texlahoma said...

BBC - Obama sure fooled me last time, but McCain would have been even worse.
I hear "Little Ricky" Santorum is as queer as a three dollar bill, a major hypocrite, easy to blackmail and control.
If Ron Paul isn't the Republican candidate, I won't even vote.

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