Saturday, February 11, 2012

Demonizing Cash

I saw something interesting the other day.

It was a story about waitress that was attacked by four women in a Red Lobster Restaurant in Fairview Heights Illinois.

(I know, so what.) The interesting part was the emphasis on cash.

"The bill was paid in cash, so there was no way to track down the perpetrators!"

"If only they had paid by credit card, they could be tracked down and held accountable!"

To me, this is an indication that the powerful people that control the mainstream media are going to go after cash.

Cash equals freedom in many ways, so if I'm right you will start seeing more stories where cash is the problem.

They want to go cashless.

That way they can take their cut right off the top, they can track your every transaction and, if need be, they can cut your money off.

That will teach you uppity slaves!

(I'm having trouble finding the video that demonizes cash so badly.)


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Ain't gonna happen:
Too many drug king pins would be out of business, and by proxy, the "war on drugs" Papistocracy.
They've had the technology to do it for decades, but for some strange reason - like, the one I just mentioned - it's about as likely as the "paperless society" personal computers were supposed to create.

texlahoma said...

Galt - I wondered how the drug world would get around a cashless society.
They wouldn't have to launder cash anymore but there would be that pesky electronic trail.

I hope you are right, cashless would be nearly as good as a chip, in the eyes of the oppressors and much easier to pull off.

billy pilgrim said...

why bother? 99% of the people have no cash, only food stamps.

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