Sunday, August 07, 2011

O’Donnell: Rick Perry believes Catholicism is a ‘godless theology of hate’

Posted on 08.6.11
By David Ferguson

On Friday’s “The Last Word”, host Lawrence O’Donnell discussed Texas Governor Rick Perry’s controversial prayer meeting in Houston, “The Response”. In this clip, O’Donnell highlights the connection between Perry and pastor John Hagee, the wildly anti-Catholic, anti-Jewish pastor who claims that Hitler was only doing the will of god by slaughtering Jews. Hagee also called Catholicism “a falst cult system” and “a godless theology of hate”. O’Donnell thinks that the association between these two men will spell the death of Perry’s chances for winning the White House in 2012.

Watch the video from MSNBC below:


Ted Amadeus said...

Let me translate that post title: Rick "Pretty Hair" Perry has joined Ron Paul at the "Unelectable" table.

Jason said...

I doubt that. Gov. Good-Hair is prepping himself for a Presidential run. I sure hope he loses. We don't need another neo-con in the white house.

texlahoma said...

Ted - LOL!, Pretty Hair. I hope he's unelectable.

Jason - I just know that the Builderburg group wants him to be president, so that's good enough for not want him to be.

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