Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cop tasers mentally handicap person while he is complying

I watched another video of a cop using his taser on a mentally handicapped man.
The guy that was tasered did nothing but put his hands up, he wasn't moving or anything, just standing there with his hands up. People were watching, two guys were recording it on a cell phone, that was all anyone did. Maybe my opinion of myself is too high, but I don't think there is anyway I could stand there and watch a fellow human being be tortured without trying to help. Admittedly, this cop appeared to be alone which would make helping his torture victim much easier. If we (as a society) saw someone torturing a mentally handicapped person wouldn't we try to stop them? (I hope the answer is yes.) But if we see someone torturing a mentally handicapped person and they have on a police uniform, we just watch.

That is the core problem.
If five people would have jumped on this cop and kicked his ass, what a totally different world (and Nation) we would be living in.

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