Saturday, August 06, 2011


This is the terrifying moment a cloud threatened to develop into a full blown TORNADO over a row of family homes. Brave snapper Pat Kavanagh took this shot of an explosive black storm from the roof of his house in Taber, Canada last month. Expecting the sunny weather to take a turn for the worse he watched intently as the billows started spinning into a furious funnel. This pic was created by stitching together multiple photographs in a vertical panorama. (Photo: PAT KAVANAGH / CATERS NEWS)

The head of a lawn deer remains above the waters from the Souris River in an evacuated western neighborhood of Minot, N.D. Friday, June 24, 2011. About one-fourth of the city's 40,000 residents have evacuated their homes (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

An impressive iceberg arrived in Newfoundland’s Goose Cove in mid-July. “Icebergs float in from Greenland,” said the photographer, Gene Patey. This one briefly blocked the town’s harbor before breaking apart and melting, “but the fishermen took their chances.” (Photo: Gene Patey)

A woman returned from vacation to discover the imprint of an owl on her window. Resident Sally Arnold reports the bird was not found nearby so it was likely not harmed in the incident. The image was created due to "powder down" which is a protective substance on new feathers. (Photo: Sally Arnold)

Bees on a Mailbox.

An Indian roofed turtle stands in the hand of a Thai custom official during a news conference at custom office in Bangkok,Thailand, Thursday, June 2, 2011. Thai customs authorities say 431 turtles and other rare reptiles were stuffed into four suitcases and smuggled into the Bangkok airport.

This miniature “tree” was discovered growing out of a sidewalk on a San Antonio, Texas back road. “My girlfriend was on her way to Petsmart with a friend,” says Adam Marshall. “She noticed this beauty pass by and they turned around to get out of the car and snap a photo.” (Photo: Crystal Anderson/Valerie Neitsch)

This tiny ocean dwelling creature, the hydrothermal worm, was captured on an electron microscope. It is magnified 525 times! (Photo: FEI Company / Philippe Crassous /

Hackers in Union County, North Carolina used a Department of Transportation traffic sign to display their own message. (Photo:

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