Monday, August 15, 2011

Bachmann Rigged Iowa Poll by Buying "At Least" 4000 Votes

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Activist Post

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is being called the "Queen of the Straw Poll" after her victory at the Iowa straw poll yesterday for the GOP presidential nomination.

Bachmann, who finished with 4823 votes, narrowly beat second-place finisher Congressman Ron Paul who collected 4671 votes.

The Ames poll, although important because of the early significance of Iowa in the primaries, is nonbinding and unscientific.

AFP reported that "It has been criticized as playing too heavily in favor of candidates that are well financed, since their campaigns can buy the $30 tickets for their supporters to attend and presumably vote in their favor."

The Ames event was considered to be a Republican fundraiser, yet Bachmann's campaign bought and "handed out at least 4,000 free tickets to supporters."

Therefore, Bachmann appears to have rigged the vote at a minimum direct cost of $120,000 to her campaign. It's unclear whether any of the other candidates engaged in this same behavior.

Another anomaly with the vote surfaced this morning when it was discovered that 218 votes went unaccounted for. In other words, these votes were in the overall tally but not registered to any of the candidates.

One would think the media would attempt to uncover the discrepancy given the razor thin 152-vote margin between Bachmann and Paul.  However, so far, they've been content to call her the "queen" of the event.


billy pilgrim said...

i wouldn't let ruby piss on her if she was on fire.

texlahoma said...

Billy - She is really loco.
Elected by the Tea Party to uphold the constitution, what is one of the first things she does?
Vote to extend the Patriot Act!
But the voters are so stupid they don't even know that she has betrayed them and she is so stupid, I don't think she even knows what she did. What a shit for brains. I wouldn't let Bob piss on her if she was on fire either.

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