Monday, February 09, 2015


Jack Mullen - 08FEB2015
A Vaccine Apocalypse is in progress Now in America. This is a war, started centuries ago and continues today because Americans have no education in the history of vaccines or the nature of medical tyranny...
“A 2012 study led by Dr. David Witt, an infectious disease specialist at the San Rafael, California Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, concluded that whooping cough, pertussis, occurs more among vaccinated children than children not vaccinated for pertussis with the DtaP vaccine that replaced the DTP vaccine.”

 “As a matter of fact, pertussis has been on the rise since pertussis vaccinations have increased. In 2010, a mumps outbreak occurred among 1000 children in upper New Jersey and lower New York. Almost 80% of them had been vaccinated with MMR (measles, mumps & rubella) vaccine.”

By the time a child is 18 months old he or she will have received on average:
Up to 4 doses of the Hepatitis B Vaccine
3 doses of the rotavirus vaccine
4 doses of the DTaP
4 doses of the Hib vaccine
4 doses of the pneumococcal vaccine
3 doses of the polio vaccine
up to 2 doses of the flu vaccine
2 doses of the hepatitis A vaccine
1 MMR shot
1 chickenpox shot

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