Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Edmond, Oklahoma Man Protects His Home and Himself


I just watched an OKC news report in which a homeowner opened his front door and was attacked by

 a man with a baseball bat.

(What's so funny about that?)

Well, the homeowner was also a gunowner, he shot the guy in the face and neck.

The guy with a baseball bat ran away.

They were playing the 911 phone call on the news.

The 911 operator asked if the man got away with any property.

The homeowner said:

"Hell no,  just a couple of holes in his ass!"

Kody Gallian’s old mug shot photo, Courtesy: Oklahoma County Jail.

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Anonymous said...

Only someone that lacks maturity and common sense would post something like this. You do not know the actual facts. You don't know the the man that called the police. You don't know the man that was shot either. The former step dad of the so called intruder/attacker isn't someone that can be trusted. I won't go into why because I'm not that type of person to attacks someone's name like that but I think you should know that this was all bullshit.

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