Saturday, February 07, 2015

Conspiracy Theorist Blues

"So you don't think 9-11 was some kind of an inside Job?"


"What about building 7?"

{"What's building 7?"}

"It's a building that wasn't hit by a plane, but collapsed on 9-11 anyway."

{"Never heard of it."}

"It's even documented how some TV stations announced that it had collapsed, before it did."

"What about the Pentagon?"

"It was obviously hit by a missile, it left a little bitty hole in the wall, not near big enough for a huge airplane."

"They, a few guys, even carried out the wreckage on their shoulders, when have you seen that before?"

"What about the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania?"

"No wreckage!"

"Haven't you ever seen pics or videos of a real plane crash?"

"Wreckage all over the place."

{Well all I know is, the government wouldn't do that."}

{"I know another thing too, you're just a conspiracy theorist!"}

Okay, let's talk about Sandy Hook, let's talk about the Boston Marathon bombing.

{No thanks, I don't have time to waste talking about things like that."}

It's been my general experience that "conspiracy theorist" know far more about suspicious events than  non-conspiracy theorist, I can only come to the conclusion that they really don't want to know.

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