Saturday, November 29, 2014

What if They Tried to Start a Race War?

What if they tried to start a race war?
"We'll have them killing each other in no time."
But the Whos down in Whoville saw through their evil plan and began to help each other instead?


nomad said...

good for him

texlahoma said...

Nomad - Yeah, more people need to step up when they see another citizen being roughed up (beaten - brutalized) by the police.

This one wasn't very extreme, but I've seen some videos where they actually killed (murdered) the person that they were torturing.

Bob said...

I do believe the time is coming when some dumb-ass cops somewhere start their bullying and more than one citizen will step in... and those cops will get the shit beat out of them, a result of the pent up anger and frustration felt by countless citizens at the arrogance and brutality of the American police.

Sad as it may be, a lot of cops are going to have their teeth fed to them - at which time retaliation will be brutal.

However, the cops will discover there are not enough of them anywhere to successfully confront an armed and aroused public.

The police - of course - will shoot first, after which they will be dropped like flies by an outraged citizenry.

And all this will be started by some stupid goddamned cop wanting to get his jollies, plus the total inability of police forces everywhere to weed out the bad apples in their midst. That inability is going to have disastrous consequences.

I see no other outcome.

texlahoma said...

Bob - I don't either.

I remember the days when the vast majority of cops were good, brave and honest, kind of like Andy Griffith.

nomad said...

Thanks, Tex. As a black man who was held at gun point and handcuffed for "looking suspicious" in my own backyard last year, I appreciate the sentiments.

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