Thursday, November 06, 2014

90-Year-Old WW2 Vet Charged For Feeding Homeless Again

Mayor says homeless should be forced to have "interaction with government"
 After his initial citation on Sunday for violating a recently passed city ordinance that prohibits the sharing of food...
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Bob said...

Good grief!

Illegal to feed the hungry.

It doesn't say, but i would put money on the mayor and the city council being a bunch of white-male-hating lesbians, minorities and feminists, sort of like that Houston mayor.

It's hard to believe that the cops would go along with this, although that female "cop" in the video seemed to be enjoying shoving people around. She was also taking photos!

How about that blond pony-tailed female "cop" that would not give her name? Like all bullies - particularly those hiding behind a badge - a coward afraid to be exposed and identified.

To serve and protect.

What a sick joke.

99% of female cops are a big joke anyway. Put on the force in the name of "equality", all they ever do is push around unarmed and helpless civilians. The other 1% are mostly bull-dyke male-haters.

How much longer will Americans tolerate this crap?

texlahoma said...

Bob - Gutless cops that enforce laws like these are a big part of the problem, just like Nazi soldiers that were just following orders.
It makes me think of the question "What would Jesus do?"

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