Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Clintons are bad people and I did bad things for them

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Hillary Bombshell: “I Murdered People For The Clintons” – Larry Nichols

The Pete Santilli Show With Special Guest: Larry Nichols  ...
When Pete asked Larry about Gennifer Flowers making headlines last week claiming Bill had told her Hillary had had more sex than he had, Larry said; “That’s old news”  And indeed it is … Larry had made that same statement on the Pete Santilli show early last spring.  Larry is adamant that Hillary Clinton is a “Dyke” and always has been.
One thing I know for sure She did have enough sex with men to have a kid, but it wasn’t Bill Clinton’s Kid she had … Chelsea is actually the daughter of  Web Hubble.  
Nichols and many other insiders claim Clinton began having sex with Hubble to gain employment at The Rose Law Firm which she believed would eventually advance Bill Clinton’s chances of becoming Governor of Arkansas.
Hillary Rodham Clinton became the firm’s first female associate, and soon its first female partner, during her husband Bill Clinton’s tenure as Arkansas Attorney General and Governor of Arkansas. Webster Hubbell and Vince Foster were also partners, before becoming Assistant Attorney General and deputy White House counsel in the Clinton administration, respectively. Rose Law Firm entered the national news during the 1990s as part of the Whitewater controversy, as investigators sought to determine how much work Clinton had done for the firm while representing Jim McDougal in cases involving the latter’s Madison Guaranty and Castle Grande enterprises. - Source Wikipedia
Regardless who Chelsea Clinton’s real father is; Women who had sex with Bill Clinton, whether they wanted to or not, testified in court hearings that Clinton had told them he was sterile and could not have children.

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billy pilgrim said...

and lets not forget that it bill clinton who embraced china and took a lot of sleazy political contributions from them.

he also started banks on the road to insanity with his deregulation. the subprime fiasco started on his watch and bush poured on fertilizer.

i think they're grooming chelsea for greatness.

texlahoma said...

Billy - Chelsea might not be that bad, I'm worried about Hillary, I think she's a psychopath. I know there are a lot of female voters that would feel empowered by having a female president, even if she is nuts.
"We finally have a female president, too bad she's insane."

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