Thursday, September 12, 2013

Of Wood and Wire

John and Tex were trudging through the woods somewhere North of Duncan, Oklahoma when they came upon an old wall. It looked like what was left of some kind of old fort or something, too large and impressive just to be an old house. On the South side of it was a very large mound, covered with leaves and brush. Even though it was large, it blended right in with everything else. Tex was somewhat in awe, thinking and trying to take the whole thing in, but not John. He was quickly exploring the place and found an opening in no time.
"Come on man!"
"Let's check it out."
The two went inside.
There were halls or tunnels going different directions, it was kind of like a maze.Certain places had holes to the surface, covered with old windows and doors with windows in them, but leaves blocked most of the light from the outside. After several confusing turns they went into a room with a rug on the floor, a rocking chair, a table and a lantern.
The two looked at each other.
"Shit! Somebody lives in here!"
"Let's go!"
About that time, this person, this inbred looking thing that any horror movie would be envious of, showed up from further inside the mound and judging from the sounds he was making, and the look on his so called face, he wasn't happy.
John and Tex were out of there.
At least that was what they were trying to be.
The place was confusing and several of the tunnels lead to homemade gates of wood and wire.
Finally propelled with enough adrenaline to float a battleship the two made their way out of the labyrinth and back to the old reliable pickup, she started right up.
Low on fuel, John and Tex stopped at a very nearby gas station/convenience store.
While inside paying for the gas, Tex could see the thing in blue overalls and worn out gloves, running towards the store.
"Will that be all?" the cashier asked.
"No, a pair of those gloves too, keep the change!"
John had the pickup running and ready to go of course and the thing got to the pickup just about the same time as Tex did.
Tex opened the passenger door and threw the gloves across the top of the pickup to the inbred thing.
"Here, these are for you!"
John hit the gas and the old pickup took off like a scalded dog.
Tex couldn't believe his eyes, the thing was smiling and waving goodbye.
"You know what John?"
"I bet nobody's ever given him anything before!"

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