Tuesday, June 04, 2013

The Garden Report - June 2013

The tomatoes in the experimental "soil in clay" garden are doing alright, despite high winds, hail and near misses by tornadoes.
The pepper plants, however did not fair so well.
 I have some bonus plants that are volunteers, last fall, after Halloween I didn't know what to do with the Jackolantern (misspelled it so bad spell check suggested COUNTERATTACK!) jack-o-lantern, so I just put it in the garden.
 Now those little pumpkin seeds are going nuts, I hope they keep going.
 The plants that I put in containers are doing alright, with the exception of two tomato plants, they are kicking ass!
 Why are they doing so well?
 The secret is the soil.
The two tomato plants in Happy Frog are a deep lush green and are doing far better than the others. 
They were doing so well that I went back and looked at the soil package. 
This stuff is from Humboldt County! 
 I guess (know) that it was designed for growing a different kind of crop, but it works great for tomatoes. 
 Next year I think I'll go 100% containers and definitely 100% Happy Frog.


diane said...

This is a really good post Tex. A lot of people are returning to gardening as food prices soar.

texlahoma said...

Diane - Thanks, yeah I remember my Grandma's garden, it was huge.
I guess she got use to huge gardens, she had 10 kids!
We use to have a breakfast fit for a king and then for lunch (which she called dinner), fried baloney and all kinds of things from the garden.
For "supper" back to eating a meal fit for a king.
I'm glad you (somehow) got me to thinking about the good old days, I use to enjoy our family's trips to Oklahoma, little did I know I would end up there (here).

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