Friday, June 28, 2013

Before the Zimmerman Verdict - An Agreement

Before there is a verdict in the Zimmerman trial, Blacks and Whites should see if they can find common ground.
 Hopefully both sides can see that this has been hyped by the media and the government from the very beginning.

This whole thing is designed to get "the little people" (both black and white) to destroy each other.

They probably have some very nasty things set up.

 Black on White crimes and atrocities and visa-verse.

 Besides destroying each other, what's going to happen?

Martial Law.

So let's not let them manipulate us right into a FEMA camp.

 We must agree to this with cool heads, before the verdict.


billy pilgrim said...

i haven't heard obumble say anything about martin looking like a son since he's been exposed as a thug.

texlahoma said...

Billy - Such a bizarre thing for a president to say in the first place.

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