Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Random City of the Week" Aurora Colorado

Tex Lahoma
Dec 13, 2011

["Random City of the Week" is an experiment. A city will be picked from the pink and black revolvermap weekly, based on a complex Alonzorithm (like an algorithm, only better).]

The City of Aurora is located just southeast of downtown Denver. Aurora is Colorado’s third largest city with more residents than Salt Lake City, Utah or Orlando, Florida. Aurora recently placed 9th in Lee Rosenberg and Saralee H. Rosenberg’s publication
50 Fabulous Places to Raise a Family.

Aurora is a strong community that has a variety of recreation and entertainment resources. The Aurora Fox Art Center, Aurora History Museum and the Aurora Asian Film Festival are among the many culture activities available to residents. Aurora takes great pride in their trail system which is great for hiking, biking and horseback riding. There are 7 award-winning municipal golf courses in the area to satisfy all golf enthusiasts. Aurora is also home to both the Aurora Reservoir and the Quincy Reservoir, which store most of the city’s drinking water and are great spots to enjoy water sports, open space and the Colorado sunshine.

Aurora homes many residences and historic buildings. A walking tour of the downtown architecture is available at the Area Visitor and Convention Bureau. Walk down the National Register Historic District in center of the Fox River and you will see many buildings from the 1850s with many examples of architectural terra cotta. The William Tanner House is open from May until December for tours which is a section of the Aurora History Center. The Sri Venkateswara Swami Temple is a lovely Hindu Temple with a mix of very old design and contemporary architectural technology. The oldest railroad roundhouse made from limestone has been transformed into Walter Payton's Roundhouse, a pub, museum, and a place for live entertainment.

Sightseeing in Aurora – Beauty under the Rocky Mountains

The Red Oak Nature Center, on Fox River, is in north Aurora. It offers many hiking trails to explore, and a cave along with a natural history museum that has an observation deck and several picnic areas. For amazing display of sculpture The African American Heritage Museum is the place which displays memorials and figures from African American history. The riverboat Hollywood Casino is a 53,000-square foot casino having over a thousand slot machines, 3 restaurants, and a theater. However, if you are looking for a relaxing natural retreat, then head towards Cherry Creek State Park. It is a state park with an 800-acre reservoir. A large imported sand beach is situated on the northeastern side, which has ample parking spaces.

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