Monday, December 26, 2011

Beware Of ..................Bloggers!!!

Julia writes -
Sunday, December 25, 2011 3:54

Fear of ................bloggers!!!!!

I have just sat through the movie Contagion. It is a disaster movie about a worldwide flu epidemic! Knowing what I know, it is very obviously a government propaganda show that cost $60 million to make, thinly disguised as fiction with famous actors. It is preparing the way for a real flu epidemic. There are some very clear messages in the film: ... The blogger who exposes the truth (this could be modelled on you Tap) turns out to be a liar and a crook who makes $4million, whilst he was accusing those nice pharmaceutical people of doing the same! The 12 million gullible idiots who follow him and trust him donate for his bail money (starting to sound like Julian Assange). The message is Don't Trust The Blogger. Trust the Government and the Pharmaceutical companies. ... The virus originally came from a bat, then to a pig, then a human. Lots of government officials and WHO experts work really hard to work out the single source, risking their lives. The message is Flu Epidemics Come From Animals. ... The vaccine is released untested and people are saved. The message is Its OK not to test the vaccine and break all the normal safety rules because we are saving lives. Vaccines are good. ... The blogger was recommending a natural plant cure. This turned out to be false and a hook for making a profit. The message is Natural Remedies are a waste of time and you are being ripped off. Unfortunately lots of people will watch this and get all these messages implanted subliminally in their brains. You and other bloggers are being framed.

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Galt-in-Da-Box said...

They wasted a shitload of money and good talent on that piece of crap. It was a REAL rotten tomato.

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