Tuesday, December 27, 2011

America’s farmlands to be carpet-bombed with Vietnam-era Agent Orange chemical

If Dow petition approved

Mike Adams
Natural News
December 27, 2011


(NaturalNews) A key chemical of one of the most horrifying elements of the Vietnam War — Agent Orange — may soon be unleashed on America’s farmlands. Considered by world nations to be a “Weapon of Mass Destruction” (WMD), Agent Orange was dropped in the millions of gallons on civilian populations during the Vietnam War in order to destroy foliage and poison North Vietnamese soldiers. The former president of the Vietnamese Red Cross, Professor Nhan, described it as, “…a massive violation of human rights of the civilian population, and a weapon of mass destruction.”

A key chemical in that weapon – 2,4-D – is just months away from being dropped on agricultural land across the United States. Dow AgroSciences, which along with DuPont and Monsanto is heavily invested in genetically engineered crops, has petitioned the U.S. government to deregulate a variety of GE corn that’s resistant to 2,4-D, which comprises 50% of the recipe of Agent Orange.

NaturalNews broke this story yesterday and published the details:

If the petition is approved by Washington, it would turn America’s corn fields into chemical warfare zones targeted for mass pesticide poisoning with 2,4-D chemicals. The corn, of course, would be immune to 2,4-D, so it would uptake the chemical and transport it right into the structure of the corn kernels, creating “Agent Orange corn bombs” that would be chemically unleashed when consumed by human beings.

This is just the latest example of how industrial chemical giants and GMO companies of the world are committing acts of genocide against innocents. The introduction of 2,4-D-resistant GE corn is, essentially, an act of war against humanity.

Five-year-old Agent Orange victim Xuan Minh in Tu Du hospital, Ho Chi Minh City. US groups have announced plans to study Vietnam's wartime contamination with toxic defoliant Agent Orange and with millions of unexploded bombs and landmines.

Le Thi Nhon (L), 24, and her younger sister Le Thi Hoa, 15, both victims of agent orange used during the Vietnam War, stand at the door of their house in Dong Ha, Vietnam.  

June 1, 2003, Vietnam War agent-orange victim Thai Thi Ha, 13, clapping and singing during a fund-raising meeting for agent-orange victims in Hanoi. Ha's father was a Northern Vietnamese soldier fighting in Southern Việt Nam. Her skin is mapped with black marks.

Nguyen Thi Van Long, 20, with birth defects believed to be caused by Agent Orange, works in her classroom at the Friendship Village on the outskirts of Hanoi, Vietnam on Wednesday, March 29, 2006. Civilians and Vietnam war veterans from several countries held a two-day conference to plead for recognition of health problems they say are associated with Agent Orange, the chemical defoliant U.S. forces sprayed during the war. (AP Photo/Richard Vogel)


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