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Katey Sagal's producer hubby gets death threats --and now both fear they're on the hit list of killer motorcycle gangs!

With her life on the line, Katey, who stars as hardboiled wife and mother of two motorcycle gang members in the FX series Sons of Anarchy has amped up her personal security, according to insiders.

"The show is so realistic that actual motorcycle gang members have been making threats against Katey and her husband. The mail and phone threats have got them frightened out of their wits!" revealed a source close to the couple.

Sons of Anarchy was created by Katey's husband, writer-producer Kurt Sutter, who also developed the Emmy-winning FX crime drama The Shield.

"Security has been beefed up on the set, and Katey and Kurt have added additional security at their L.A. home as well," said the source.

Katey's hubby Kurt Sutter told a reporter in a recent interview, "I've gotten my share of death threats. Some people are not happy…The outlaw culture by nature is about not being put into a box."

Katey who's best known for Married With Children and the voice of one-eyed animated hottie Leela on Futurama is scared out of her wits.

"She's never experienced anything like this and it's completely unnerved her. She not only has her own welfare to think about, but also her husband and kids."

"Because the series is so realistic, the real-life bad guys are feeling threatened by it," the sourcer divulged.

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yellowdog granny said...

have you seen this show?
oh man..I fecking love it..
and katy segal is fanfuckingtastic in it..the killer grannie from hell...and the music just kicks ass..

joy said...

Never watched this show...but I loved The Shield. I'll have to check it out.

texlahoma said...

I haven't seen it YDG but I'll try to catch it.
Joy, I tried to watch The Shield when it first came on but the artsy-fartsy camera work made me sea sick. I think they chilled out on that later but it was too late for me. They might as well of had a monkey as a camera man on some of the first episodes.

yellowdog granny said...

you want to see a good tv need to watch saving grace..she does more for oklahoma and the women of oklahoma then any thing i've seen in the past 40 years...fecking love that show.

Anonymous said...

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chris1228 said...

soa is my favorite show so to all the mc's giving them shit fuck off and shut the fuck up because your fucking with my show its just a show so i dont see what the big deal is about the show theres other things on tv about motorcycle gangs and they prob dont get threats katy keep doing what your doing soa is the best show ive ever seen i dont miss a show i wish it was on all year around lol

Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen Sons of Anarchy? Unbelievable show and Sagal is awesome in it!!!!

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