Sunday, January 04, 2015

US weapons airdrop goes straight to ISIS….again!

The shipments included more than 160 military cargo flights by Jordanian, Saudi and Qatari military cargo planes landing at Esenboga Airport near Ankara and other Turkish and Jordanian airports. An effort to arm al-Nusra – now fully merged with ISIS – and other jihadist groups has been coordinated by American intelligence.

“The Iraqi intelligence sources reiterated that the US military planes have airdropped several aid cargoes for ISIL terrorists to help them resist the siege laid by the Iraqi army, security and popular forces,” a report stated.

ISIS ‘intercepts’ yet another US weapon and medical supply air drop in Iraq


Bob said...


This sort of thing can't be an accident, what with the incredible accuracy our military has available., GPS, you name it.

A very smart man once claimed that NOTHING happens in this world by accident. It's all carefully planned by someone, somewhere.

Maybe that nefarious Muslim traitor and outlaw in the White House is secretly arming his Muslim buddies at our expense... perhaps all a part of the Bobplan to reduce Europe and America to third world hellholes?

Bob said...


Got a "Bobplan " in there by accident... planned of courses. LOL

texlahoma said...

Bob - Like I've said many times now, this whole thing is fake, it is designed to take out the current Syrian government.

I think one of the ways to defeat ISIS would be to cut their supply line, instead, we ARE the supply line!

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