Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Israel Has Guts

"Israeli warplanes hit two separate areas near Syria’s capital of Damascus yesterday, including a facility at the city’s international airport, and reveals Tel Aviv’s role in the destabilzation of Syria and aiding Islamic insurgents inside Syria." - "Aiding ISIS: Israel bombs Syria for fifth time in 18 months, gives arms, medical aid to militants" 21st Century Wire, December 8, 2014.
Israel's periodic attacks on Syria's military facilities, research centers, high-tech weapons, is proof of its courage and military brazenness. And this has to be respected.

Israel can attack Syria all it wants because there isn't a thing that Syria has done in return, which speaks to the Assad regime's lack of seriousness about confronting the threat from Israel. Its hostility towards the Israeli state is merely rhetorical and political.

Since the destabilization and balkanization of Syria began, its economy has been totally ruined, it has a sprawling refugee population that spans many countries and whose future is as uncertain as ever, and its sovereignty has been attacked by a whole collection of states, militias, and adventurous fighters.

And what has the Assad regime done to retaliate against the lawless transgressors such as Israel, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, France, England, and above all, the United States?

In the case of the United States, the Assad regime has welcomed its planes to drop bombs on its oil infrastructure above its skies in the name of "degrading and destroying" a transnational Jihadist terrorist group that Washington itself had a hand in creating. This is a comedy on an epic scale.

Israel isn't afraid of the Assad regime. Why the hell would it be?

This is a country that attacked an American ship during the busy days of the Cold War in the 1960s and then made President Johnson and subsequent American presidents shut up about the incident.

This is a country who assassinated a top Iranian nuclear scientist on the busy streets of Tehran a few years ago and then more or less bragged about it.

And you know what happened when Israel trangressed against America and Iran?

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Bob said...

Transgressed against America?

Do you refer to the USS Liberty attack? Or the endless assault on our financial institutions? Perhaps you refer to the theft of our gold from Fort Knox?

Just three of the many egregious assaults against America and it's citizens perpetrated by Israel and the Jews, none of which has ever been responded to by "our" federal government.

I await the day when it comes time for them to pay the piper.

texlahoma said...

Bob - I agree with you, I didn't write this article. I should have explained what I was wanting people to see in it.
I knew the whole ISIS thing was just an excuse and that the real goal was to overthrow the Syrian government.
I didn't know that Israel was openly bombing Syria, especially near Damascus. I sure never saw it on the Evening News.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

One World Government (KHAZAri$tocracy, as I call it) is here.
It has been since 1913, and nearly complete since 2001.
The hand that holds the purse-strings rules the world...Hell, they even run the Vatican now:
They celebrated their 1997 conquest by installing a Khazar pope, followed by an atheistic communist one!

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

If I had the whole world by the balls via debt-slavery, I'd have the "guts" to do whatever I wanted to whoever I wanted, whenever I wanted - all with someone else's wealth and weapons - too!

texlahoma said...

Galt - If I got to vote for Prime Minister, I'd vote for you, based on honesty alone.

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