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National Geographic visits Oklahoma to film pit-bull hero

Shaun Perkins | July 30, 2014 Category: Slice O' Life CHOUTEAU, Okla. - Piper, a rescue dog from Chouteau Pound Pals, is about to be a TV star. National Geographic is coming to this small northeastern Oklahoma town to film Piper and the baby goat GP that she saved and befriended.

The story will appear in an episode of Unlikely Animal Friends. Piper, a pit-bull mix, was adopted from Chouteau Pound Pals by Julie and Nate Free, who owned goats.

When one of the goats gave birth and rejected the runt, Piper took an immediate interest in the baby. Julie Free said, “She’s looking at the goat, then looking at me and making a very low woof, then looking back at the goat, back at me, the woof, over and over.” When Piper began licking the baby, later named GP (Goat Puppy), she took on the duties of mother, cleaning GP and wrapping around him as they napped.

While Piper did agility training, GP followed along and tried to do the same.
Piper and GP’s story has been featured on Tulsa’s Channel 6 and also in the books,
Unlikely Loves by Jennifer Holland and Loyalty Unleashed: Pit Bulls and the People Who Love Them by Sue Torres.

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