Saturday, May 03, 2014

Something Bad Happened in 2003

  • 1999 –  25 deaths
  • 2000 –  19 deaths
  • 2001 –  13 deaths
  • 2002 –  12 deaths
  • 2003 –  90 deaths
  • 2006 –  78 deaths
  • 2007 –  88 deaths
  • 2008 – 116 deaths
  • 2009 – 276 deaths
  • 2010 – 115 deaths

    Just looking at the numbers, you can tell that something bad happened in 2003.

    What was it?

     Prior to implementing the pediatric flu vaccine in 2003, pediatric deaths from influenza were decreasing. The CDC recommended universal influenza vaccines for children in 2003. According to the Center for Disease Vital Statistics and the MMWR Annual Report, deaths have increased, indicating flu vaccines are not as effective as advertised.

    (Unless ones goal is to increase the death rate of children, then you would have to say it's VERY effective.)

    Parents, please think carefully about your goal before you expose your child to an influenza vaccine.
    (I mean,  I don't know your goal, perhaps you feel that you already have to many children.)

     Over 200 viruses can cause influenza and influenza-like illness which produce the same or similar symptoms. Unless you have laboratory tests, doctors cannot tell the illnesses apart. All these related illnesses can last for days and rarely lead to death or serious illness unless a person is immune compromised. Vaccines usually contain only three (3) viruses that were chosen to be included in vaccines many months before a flu season begins, so it is a guessing game as to which flu strain will actually occur.

    Please keep in mind that one (1) microgram (μg) equals 0.0010 milligram (mg). Often physicians refer to the “trace” of thimerosal as safe and even healthy! The way to compare what a trace is in a vaccine is to compare to what is considered safe and allowable in our environment: water, liquids and foods we eat and compare the levels in the vaccines they encourage us to inject.
  • 2 ppb (parts-per-billion) is the mandated safeyt limit in drinking water
  • 200  ppb of mercury in liquid waste renders it a toxic hazard and must be treated as such
  • —730-1400 ppb is EPA safe allowable limit in fish (we ingest)
  • 25,000 ppb may be found in the infant flu vaccine (injected)
  • 50,000 ppb found in regular flu vaccine recommended for children, pregnant mothers and adults (injected)
Boyd Haley, Professor and Chair, Dept. of Chemistry, University Kentucky and mercury specialist in 2001 was responding to the statement that the mercury in vaccines is safe and he said the following, “A single vaccine given to a 6 pound newborn (containing thimerosal) is the equivalent of giving a 180-pound adult 30 vaccinations on the same day.”


billy pilgrim said...

i got a flu shot and turned into a chick magnet.

next year i'm getting 2 shots.

texlahoma said...

Billy - Was it kind of like this?

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