Thursday, April 10, 2014

Has Flight 370 Been Found in Maldives?


Mr. Shife said...

Do you think this mystery will be solved? I mean there's no way with all the technology we have these days that they can't find that plane but stranger things have happened on the third rock from the sun. Take care, texlahoma.

Gdeck Bob said...

The Maldive island chain has has ten airports, four of them international airports.

The island in the video is the Maldivian Island of Gan, on which one of those four international airports is located. So seeing n aircraft such as a 777 on the tarmac there is no big deal.

As far as those natives seeing a low-flying aircraft? They see them every day, aircraft landing at one of their airports that are perfectly capable of handling large planes, planes bringing tourists and vacationers on a daily basis.

The damaged wing? Any plane that damaged its wing while landing would most probably be a smoking wreckage on the side of the runway. A damaged wing would mean the loss of at least one landing gear. Without doubt a dragging wingtip would violently spin the craft off onto the side where it would collapse and destroy itself. The aircraft on the tarmac in the video is in one piece,undamaged. I suspect the pink area on the left wing is photo-shopped.

The dark colored tail? I'm checking to see which airline paints their planes like that.

Nothing to see here folks... really.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Your blog's question says it all:
We HAVE to be stupider than stupid to believe this never ending BULLSHIT story!

Gdeck Bob said...


Americans have systematically and intentionally dumbed down for at least two generations. The American public school system is probably the greatest national tragedy since the book-burning days of Germanys National Socialist party (NAZI's).

The NEA is -without doubt - an organization that has been devoted to the destruction of the American Republic. It is loaded with Communists, Socialists, anti-white-male Feminists, anti-family sexual perverts and racists. The NEA is a shining example of an organization created specifically to destroy a nation.

It has done its job well. They have dumbed down Americans to the point the majority can't even tell when a traitorous racist is lying to them and destroying everything American he can get his hands on.

But dumb is different than stupid. You can't fix stupid, but dumb can be properly educated, re-programmed if you will, given the time and effort.

Too bad it's too late for that.

The NEA has succeeded.

The question: "How stupid do they think we are?", should really be "How dumb do the think we are?"

They KNOW how dumb we are. They have diligently worked on getting us that way for decades.

They know the average American is not stupid, but embarrassingly dumb. They have succeeded completely in assuring that by infiltrating and subverting our own school system,

Their ultimate success will depend on just how dumb they can keep us, so, along with their partners-in-crime, the media, Hollywood and TV, intend to keep us uninformed, uneducated and in the dark forever.

The white American male has been ridiculously easy to brainwash and dumb down. Sports and sex. That's all it took. The average American male can name the quarterbacks of any number of football teams but cannot name his Congressional Representatives or Senators. He can endlessly quote game statistics accurately and authoritatively, but has no clue as to what the preamble of the Bill of Rights is. Sexual conquest and "game" are obsessive in his daily life.

The American females were a bit harder to compromise because of the motherly instinct built into their genetic makeup. But the endless barrage aimed at them against family and marriage - about the hopelessly hapless and helpless white male, the fantasy idea of a highly successful career and successful motherhood combination, and the seductive siren song of equality eventually overcame their maternal instincts and has succeeded in destroying the American home and family, the foundation of this nation.

The minorities imported into - and presently invading - this nation were/are easy to subvert. That is exactly why they are here, why the gatekeepers have let them in.

It will take generations to reverse this tragedy brought upon us by those whose goal is - and was - America's destruction.

But today's generation will not be the one to fight for our vanishing freedom and liberty. This generation is lost to that cause, and with them the America our forefathers fought and died for.

billy pilgrim said...

the water is warm and there's plenty to eat. i have no complaints.

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