Monday, March 31, 2014

Anonymous - Rothschilds & Malaysian Airlines MH370 Connection


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

EXACTAMUNDO, as The Fonz would say.

Bob said...

Someone once said:

"There are far stranger things in this universe than one can ever imagine".

To bring it down to our size:

"There are far more vicious people on this earth than any of us can imagine".

Only a complete housecleaning, the total and merciless elimination of these cretins will ever give us a chance to prosper.

No one will miss them, no one will care they are gone. but all will be more free.

texlahoma said...

Galt - This whole thing is so crazy, I guess all we can do is see how it plays out.

texlahoma said...

Bob - That reminds me of an old Mac Davis song: Lucas was a Redneck (?)

"Who's gonna miss you when you die Lucas?"

"The black man that you called a nigger?"

"The hippie you beat up, just cause you was bigger?"

"Who's gonna miss you when you die?"

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