Saturday, February 22, 2014

Media Blackout - Nuclear Waste Drums Smash Open in New Mexico


Gundeck Bob said...

Loa Alamos(I once worked there at the Meson Physics Facility) puts low level waste in 55 gallon drums and then stores them away for future disposal.

Low level waste includes coveralls worn by researchers, rags, Etc. As it was correctly reported, this is stuff that has been exposed to low levels of alpha and beta radiation.

A few of those filled drums - if actually leaking Alpha of Beta radiation - would not be detected more than a few yards away. Keep in mind that alpha particles cannot even penetrate human skin, and Beta particles hardly more than thick paper.

It's the gamma you gotta worry about so far as radiation poisoning goes, and they don't store any of that in oil drums.

True, Alpha and Beta can kill you if you get enough into your body by eating or drinking it, but I just don't see anybody walking up to those damaged drums and trying to eat the contents.

texlahoma said...

Bob - Thanks for the info, I don't know much about that kind of thing. That makes me feel better about it.

I probably mentioned it before, I use to live in New Mexico too, but up by Gallup. I'd like to visit there to see how much it's changed and see how my perspective has changed, it must have been around 1968 when I last saw it.

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