Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Man jumps to death from skyscraper in Hong Kong’s financial district

Chater House tower (L) housing the headquarters of investment bank JPMorgan in Hong Kong (AFP)

I was kind of absentmindedly reading an article, "33-year-old man".

 I was thinking, okay, that's pretty obvious, or they could add another 3 and multiply by two.

"plunged to his death Tuesday from the roof of a 30-storey building."

There's the other three, but what about the multiplier?

“At around 2pm… a man fell from the rooftop of the building. Police arrived and saw him unconscious. He was sent to the hospital where he was certified dead,” a police spokeswoman told AFP.


There it is!

"At around 2pm"

333 x 2 = 666

Original article rawstory.com


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Yeah, once you swandive off a skyscraper, it's a sure bet that CERTIFIED DEAD is gonna be the outcome.
Like heroine, there's no escape.

Mr. Shife said...

Those folks at the the hospital earned their money that day when they certified him dead. I could have saved them the trouble and made that call using Google Earth. Have a good one, texlahoma.

texlahoma said...

Galt - I can picture the Coyote looking up, seeing a guy hurdling towards him and opening a tiny little umbrella.

texlahoma said...

Mr. Sife - Lol!

You could work for Bones, so she doesn't waste her time on the
"No Brainers".

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