Thursday, December 20, 2012

Alternative History and No Guns for Negroes

What if in the days of slavery, suddenly, overnight something happened.
The slaves woke up one morning and they all had guns.
Guns just as good as their masters, guns just as good as the enforcers that worked for the masters.
The slaves far out numbered their masters.
There was a revolt, many on both sides were killed, but in the end, black people were no longer slaves, they were people on equal footing with the whites, like it or not.
The former slaves had equal rights to whites, not because it had been granted to them, but because they had made it so.
Thanks to the guns the blacks has skipped past 100 years of oppression!

Many years went by, generations took their freedom for granite.
Some saw no need for guns.
Now the number of gun owners was nearing 300 million.
There were some mass shootings, innocent people were killed.
And even though 99.9% of the gun owners had done nothing wrong with their guns, some of the people that saw no need for guns, wanted to take away the right of the people to own guns.
The ones who remembered that their people were once slaves wanted no part of giving up their guns.
But the people who saw no need for guns pointed to a mass shooting.
"This is what happens when we are allowed to have guns!"
"We shouldn't be allowed to have guns!"
The people who never thought that blacks should have equal rights were very pleased.
"They are so easy to manipulate!"
They said in delight.
"A few more mass shootings should do the trick!"
The people found themselves at a crossroads, would they choose to stay on the path of freedom?
Or would they take the other path, the road to slavery?

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