Sunday, July 31, 2011

Straight Up Sunday - The US Is Facing A Day Of Reckoning Over The Deficit

Straight Up Sunday - You won't see this on TV.

The US Is Facing A Day Of Reckoning Over The Deficit
An excerpt from Bob Chapman's weekly publication.
Bob Chapman
International Forecaster
July 31, 2011

A game of chicken is being run in Washington by two groups of politicians run and owned by the same group of people behind the scenes. They all want enabling debt extension with a small touch of austerity. They want a deal that has the legs to keep the economy going until after the next election.

The most important thing they want is a reduction in Social Security and Medicare, so those funds can be used to reduce debt and fund the military industrial complex.

They also want starvation and the inability to buy drugs by the elderly to hasten their demise. That means less Social Security and Medicare spending. In two years we will also have the Obamacare death panels, where massive elimination will be put into motion.

There is nothing the Illuminists despise worse than useless eaters.

There is ample evidence that these elitists, by their own words, want to reduce world population by 60% to 90%, dependent on which of these persons you listen too. Last week Ted Turner opted for 90% on CNN.

That is what the fight regarding debt extension is all about. The only forthright and honest person in Congress to call it the way it is, is Ron Paul.

He says the bill sanctions the status quo and that it is impossible to balance the budget without cutting military, Medicare and Social Security spending and that is impossible.

The debt limit will be raised, but we fervently hope without Social Security and Medicare cuts. You have to understand your adversaries.

These people in Congress are almost all paid whores and the people who control them with money are insane.

If you can grasp that you can understand what really this is all about. Watch carefully which members won’t allow military cuts and which want to cut SS and Medicare and then you will have identified the enemy.


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