Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mr. Smith Pays his Taxes

I was thinking about how taxes should really be set up...

(IRS employee) "Mr Smith your tax bill comes to $10,000 so, unless you wish to use our new opt out deductions, we need to make payment arrangements."

(Mr. Smith) "I think I do want to use...what you just said.

(IRS employee) "Very well, were you for or against the war in Iraq?"
"And Mr. Smith, you might as well tell the truth, we will check it against the mandatory poll that we sent out at the first of the year."

(Mr. Smith) "I was very much against that war!"

(IRS employee)"Alright, that's $3000 off."

(IRS employee) "Were you for the war in Afghanistan?"

(Mr. Smith) "No, I wasn't for that war either."

(IRS employee) "Ok, that's another $3000 off."

(IRS employee) "Are you for the war on drugs?"

(Mr. Smith) "No, it's stupid!"

(IRS employee) "That's $3000 off."

(IRS employee) "Do you want the U.S. to invade Iran?"

(Mr. Smith) "No, they should just be left alone."

(IRS employee) "Here's a check for $2000, Mr. Smith, have a nice day."

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