Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Putin Considering Releasing SHOCKING Intel Requested by VT! This Will Change Everything!

Gordon Duff is requesting the following information from Putin.  He knows that this information is in the possession of the Russians.

Tape recordings and transcripts of John McCain’s propaganda broadcasts made while being a POW in Vietnam including his claim that the US was using germ warfare against North Vietnam

The text of John McCain’s debriefing by the KGB in Hanoi including battle information that led to the redeployment of air defenses and a much higher success rate of downing American aircraft.

Full information on Netanyahu’s role in running Jonathan Pollard as a Soviet agent.  This resulted in the deaths of 1,100 assets.  He can be prosecuted for this in the United States.

Full information on the role of Netanyahu on the theft of cryptography units from UNTSO in 1990, the nature of the data that Netanyahu personally passed to Moscow as a Russian spy.

Full information on Mitt Romney’s meeting with Russian Intelligence in Havana during his visit there in 1999.  We have photos of him there and I released briefing video #1 and briefing video #2 where this is discussed.

Recordings and transcripts of Romney’s meeting with Raul Castro and the promises that Romney made.

Surveillance video of John McCain and Joseph Lieberman taken in Zurich showing them entering banking facilities after a trip to Kabul and meeting with drug lords and the northern alliance.

Satellite images showing the movement of highly enriched nuclear material in and around New York City prior to the events of September 11th, 2001

Files showing the roles of Israeli involvement in nuclear proliferation including but not limited to the sale of nuclear weapons to Saudi Arabia.

Files showing deposits in Cayman banks managed by Bain on behalf of over 300 members of Congress of the the United States.  That’s the list of their payoffs.

Evidence showing the transfer of nuclear material from Israel in North Korea.  

We know these documents exist and it’s important to the security of the United States for these people to be taken down.

We received information 72 hours ago that Justice Salia had contact with Mitch McConnell and had told McConnel, “I have 5 Supreme Justices in my pocket and we’ll stand by you!”

Full article at beforeitsnews.com 


Mr. Shife said...

Too bad we can't request a mulligan on all of them and start over. Maybe we can start pay-per-view and have politician death matches with some of these assholes. Take care texlahoma.

texlahoma said...

Mr. Shife - That would be one pay-per-view event well worth the money.

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