Thursday, January 02, 2014

The Adventures of Pittufik - (a small boy from the village)

Pittufik was a small boy from the village.

He had never really thought about it much before, but with Fathers Day coming up

Pittufik's  curiosity about his father was in full bloom.

Pittufik started asking all the villagers if they knew anything about his father.
Pittufik had never met his father, but was told that he was a small man from a ship.

The ship's name was Northwind and it was part of an expedition called Operation Nanook.

Pittufik, not quite satisfied with the information, asked if there was anything else that he knew about

 his father.

He was from Greenland and chose your name, Pittufik.

As you know, we have an annual Beerfest.

There were a lot of drunk people there, some of them making love in public.

At one point everyone's attention turned to the noises coming from the place where we tie the dogs.

Let's just say you were conceived in grand fashion as all the villagers looked on in fascination and delight.

Your father may have been a little man, but he was quite...energetic and athletic.

So in honor of that night you were named  Pittufik, which is a Greenlandish word  for 

"the place where we tie the dogs".

Oh yes, one more thing,  he told me to give you these words of advise;

"Watch out were the Huskys go and don't you eat that yellow snow."


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