Thursday, July 18, 2013

I do not think Snowden is OK - Jim Stone

Wednesday, July 17, 2013 I am going to first state that this is opinion, and may not be accurate. But I have seen a few things now that make me think Snowden is NOT ok, and that we probably are not even seeing the real Snowden now.

First of all, the flight logs all show Asiana 214 as having landed safely. I am highly suspicious of that plane crash. There is another problem - the plane that crashed was a 777 300, and the Asiana flight to San Francisco is supposed to be a 777 200. Big problem there. The main difference is that the 777 300 has an additional 2,000 mile flight range. I had initially expected Asiana to be using a 777 300 on the San Francisco route, but later found out that they use a 777 200. Now in the media, the confusion is obvious, with people who know planes identifying the crash as a 300, but people who know the type Asiana actually uses being a 200. So all over the media, there are different planes being stated as crashed, because a 300 crashed and a 200 is what Asiana uses. I still think the plane that crashed in San Francisco was probably supposed to go to Australia and got remote hijacked and flown to a crash by a desk bound idiot flying it like a drone. This would explain the military response and the FBI debriefing of all passengers.
I still think Snowden was on that plane, and there are plenty of reasons for it, which are:
On July 5th, Russia announced that Snowden had ONE DAY to leave the airport or he was going to get extradited to the U.S. WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT, and why is Russia playing nice now, well over a week later? Last I heard before that crash was that Snowden was on his way to Venezuela. 
Add to this -
After the plane crash, Snowden started talking about UFO's and Chem Trails. That may fly in the alternative media, but for a huge number of people those are kooky subjects, and aliens are the FIRST subject intelligence agencies use to cast doubt on the credibility of anyone if they can get away with it. Chem trails are an additional step off the deep end for many people, and the NSA does absolutely NOTHING with aliens, UFO's or Chem trails. Snowden would not know jack about those subjects from ANY experience with the NSA.
Another thing that made me suspicious was Snowden's composure in the latest videos. He is not acting right, nor does he look right. In the latest videos he has absolutely NONE of the composure you would expect from anyone working intelligence. You also never really get a clear look at more than his face, and though the videos are more clear than the osama videos they still come off like one of those stupid Osama bin laden videos, or that Iraqi Berg beheading video that was so obviously fake. I don't buy it AT ALL. If we are seeing the real Snowden in the latest videos, I believe they are likely being shot in the U.S. after his capture, with him being drugged, under mind control and not even knowing where he is.
The tipping point came when what I believe is now "Snowden" said that Stuxnet was written by the NSA. Folks, THAT is a load of B.S. like no other. The NSA is a totally non aggressive agency which would not write an attack virus, that would be handled by Darpa and the CIA. And the initial reports about Stuxnet never mentioned the NSA AT ALL.

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